Massage Therapy

At Our Amherstview Clinic

Amherstview Family Chiropractic

A Gentle Way
to Relieve Pain

As a massage therapist, Karen Raddon has the knowledge and training required to reduce pain and muscular tension and increase joint mobility, circulation, and lymphatic drainage for people of all ages. Regular massage therapy is effective in improving the symptoms of cut and chronic conditions, including:

Effective at Preventing Injuries

If you’re very active or lead a busy lifestyle, we can develop a treatment plan to help you safely train for sports, prevent injuries, and manage stress. You’ll be able to carry out your regular fitness activities without worrying about any negative consequences.

Beneficial to Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful occasion, but it can also be difficult on a mother’s body when lower back pain and fatigue become part of the picture. Massage therapy can help decrease pain, stress related to hormones, and anxiety in pregnant women and can even benefit their newborns. Amherstview Family Chiropractic & Massage will use a specially designed table to make sure that your massage is comfortable and safe for both you and your infant.